Sass and Grace Bridal Boutique Sponsors Winchester RFC Girls Rugby

Sass & Grace Bridal Boutique Sponsors Winchester RFC Girls Rugby

16 February 2022

These courageous fearless girls are the Winchester RFC U18 Girls Rugby team, and Sass & Grace are very honoured to be their new shirt sponsor!

We all know that when we feel good in our clothes we are more confident and those positive vibes radiate from us. Our life is dressing our beautiful brides, making them feel amazing about themselves and their bodies, so they shine and sparkle on their big day!

Imagine being a teenage girl and being asked to perform at your very best whilst wearing an oversized top that was probably designed for a man, or at the very best an adult woman? Not the kind of clothes that flatter you and make you feel like a winner! So when we found out that the girl’s squad were looking for a sponsor to enable them to have their own kit, that flatters and fits them we jumped at the chance. It’s right up our street making females feel good about themselves, it’s what we do everyday!

We finally felt like a team, the kit was like the final push to properly unite us. We appreciate the sponsorship greatly!

U18’s Player

On a freezing cold, Sunday afternoon in January the girls new shirts had their christening with a tough match against Reading RFU. After an early try by Winchester Reading came back strongly, however the Winchester girls showed great resilience and played with fantastic spirit. Well done Winch!

Women’s rugby is currently enjoying huge growth around the world. A surging team of unstoppable women have excelled at this sport which is traditionally dominated by men. It is vital to support grassroots girls rugby to ensure a high calibre of talented females coming through the ranks. These fearless females are our future superstars. The Winchester Girls are supported and empowered by a dedicated team of Mums and Dads who faithfully give up their Sundays week after week to cheer and coach them from the freezing sidelines.

The girls deserved to have a kit that not only fits them physically but also have had the opportunity to be involved in the design. This sponsorship has allowed the girls to feel proud and stand out as a team in their own right!

Vicky U18’s Coach

We think your new kit looks great on you girls, we hope it empowers you all to feel like the winners we think you are!

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