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Everything you need to know about Mermaid Wedding Dresses

26 July 2021

Brides often fall in love with a mermaid wedding dress but they also have lots of questions about the practicalities of such a gown. We believe you can be really comfortable in your mermaid gown and also look completely fabulous at the same time! Here we cover everything you need to know about your mermaid wedding dress, from walking down the aisle to what underwear you should wear! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions, we’d love to show you our fabulous range of wedding dresses.

1. What is a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

The mermaid silhouette is tightly fitted along the body to the knee, then kicks out in an impressive swoosh. The mermaid style certainly cuts a dramatic silhouette for those daring to be bold. Do not think the mermaid style is for super slim brides, this style looks fantastic on brides with curves. Those curves just need to be in proportion, and in the right places for the shape to work on you. In this blog we cover everything you need to know about wearing your fabulous mermaid wedding dress and also being comfortable on your big day. Also visit our Pinterest board for inspiration on how to style your mermaid dress!

2. What is the difference between a fit and flare, trumpet and mermaid wedding dress?

A fit-and-flare wedding dress flares out higher up the body, just below the hips, rather than the knee. A trumpet wedding dress is the same as a mermaid wedding dress. Some may argue a trumpet dress flares out in a slightly different place on the body to a mermaid dress, however this is negligable so if you see trumpet dress then presume mermaid dress.

3. How do you walk in a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Whilst there is never going to be the space and movement you would get in an a-line or ballgown wedding dress you can definitely still move around and walk in a mermaid dress. Some mermaid wedding dresses incorporate a very clever inverted V shape in their design, this is at the knee, front and back and gives you more room to move. Even if your dress does not incorporate this feature it is still possible to walk in a well fitted mermaid dress without having to shuffle up the aisle like a penguin. At Sass and Grace during your fittings we will encourage you to walk, sit down and generally ensure you move about to make sure you are completely comfortable in your dress so you can move freely on your wedding day.

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you for all your help in finding my dress! From the moment I stepped into Sass and Grace, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. I had been a bit nervous about trying on dresses, but you had such warmth and welcome, it quickly became the perfect experience. I’m also not sure I would have found my dress without you! It wasn’t at all what I thought I wanted, but when my bridesmaids encouraged me to try something different, you just knew! You plucked out ‘the one’ and from the moment I tried it on I felt amazing! And that’s exactly how I felt on the day, so thank you!

Chloe, Sass & Grace Bride wearing a Mermaid Wedding Dress

4. Can you alter a mermaid wedding dress?

The short answer is yes definitely, a mermaid wedding dress can be easily altered by an experienced bridal seamstress. The fit of your mermaid dress is so important! The hips need to be tight enough to look good but still have enough ease to enable you to move freely and sit down. This is why during your fittings at Sass & Grace you will be asked to sit down, walk and generally move around to ensure you have the movement you need. We want to make sure that you will be comfortable on your wedding day and that you can move around freely and easily.

5. What do you wear under a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

This depends on the fabric of your dress, as a rule nude coloured seamless knickers work best with wedding dresses. Most wedding dresses do not need a bra, it is not that you are going without your bra, it is just the bra is built into the dress for you. This is key for comfort, and also means that there won’t be any annoying bra straps making an appearance in your wedding photos.

6. Can you wear a garter under your Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Again this depends on the fabric and where you want to wear it on your leg. If you have a lace, beaded or a heavily patterned dress this will help to hide your garter, and when worn just above the knee it can be hidden from view. With a smoother fabric, such as crepe or silk, a garter will show wherever you wear it on your leg. However this little problem is easily solved, just give this task to your maid of honour and ask her to discreetly slip it on for you just before you’re ready to show it off.

7. Are Mermaid Wedding Dresses flattering?

Mermaid wedding dresses are extremely flattering on those brides who have their curves in the right places. Forget the super skinny look of the fashion catwalks, wedding dresses love curves and in particular the mermaid wedding dress is your curves best friend. You should always try a variety of styles at your first bridal appointment to see how the dresses make you look, and very importantly, how they make you feel. Listen to your bridal stylist and try to be an open book with them, it will help them guide you to ‘the one’.

“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you. My dress was absolutely stunning, everyone commented on how beautiful it was. I felt amazing in it, barely felt like I had it on, and beamed from start to finish.

Aimee, Sass & Grace Bride wearing a Mermaid Wedding Dress

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