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5 Tips to Help you Prepare for your Perfect Bridal Appointment

19 March 2021

You have booked your Sass & Grace Bridal Appointment, how exciting, we can’t wait to welcome you to the boutique to find your dream dress! As your bridal appointment draws closer you might have a few questions about what to expect so we have prepared 5 tips to help you prepare for your perfect bridal appointment.

You might never have stepped foot inside a bridal boutique before, you might even have heard horror stories from your friends about what happens inside a bridal boutique. Don’t panic, we have put together five of our top tips to help you prepare for your bridal appointment with us. We want to ensure you get the most out of your time in the boutique, and we want to help you find your perfect fit wedding dress!

1. Be open and honest

It’s our job to get to know you during your bridal appointment, and learn as much as possible about your plans for your wedding day. The more you can tell us, the better placed we are to help guide you to your perfect wedding dress.

We start your bridal appointment with a consultation, this is your chance to tell us all about your big day! Think about what you would like us to know about your day, this could include your venue, your flowers, your colour schemes, and any other details you are thinking of having on your big day.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have everything totally nailed by this point, I guarantee you you will know more than you think. Our expert stylists will be able to recommend dresses based on your wedding day details.

We also need to know any dress requirements. Do you want a long sleeved wedding dress, a boho backless wedding dress, or do you have no clue yet about what you want? This is all good information for us and we will be taking it all in so we can help guide you to that perfect dress that is going to make you feel fantastic!

2. Decide on your guests

Due to Covid we have had to limit the amount of guests each bride can bring along to their bridal appointment so think about who your two special guests should be.

Our advice is to make sure they are people whose company you enjoy, and whose opinions you trust. Having too many opinionated people at your bridal appointment can be overwhelming when trying on dresses, it can become confusing, and can spoil your enjoyment.

Do not be pressured into bringing guests who you think should be there, rather than those who you want to be there. Once you have found your dress, that is just the start of our journey together, there are other appointments such as fittings which you can bring other guests along to.

3. Put your Wishlist together

Our website has a brilliant Wishlist feature and to help prepare for your appointment we ask you to choose five dresses you think you would like to try on at your bridal appointment. Don’t worry you can always change your mind when you browse our rails at the start of your bridal appointment. We will discuss your wishlist with you in your consultation when you arrive at the boutique. It’s fine to want to try a variety of dresses if you have never tried any before, or if you are visiting us because of a specific dress or designer then just add those to your wishlist.

Once you have tried on your chosen dresses we will then recommend dresses for you based on your feedback. You don’t have to try on our choices, but we know our dresses really well, and more often than not can pick out ‘the one’ for you. All dresses are tried on in front of our specially commissioned mirror which is lit all around and enables you to see your dress from all angles.

4. Decide on your budget

It’s great if you can arrive prepared with an idea of what you would like to spend on your wedding dress. We range from £1,000 to £5,000+ so it’s helpful for us to know where within that range you are comfortable.

Visit our Designers to see what price range each caters for, we also give a price indication for each dress on our website. If there is one specific dress you are particuarly interested in, you can check the price against your budget before adding it to your wishlist.

We would recommend a minimum budget of £1500 to give you a wide range of dresses to try on at your bridal appointment, unless you are shopping in our Ready to Wear Collection where dresses are heavily discounted.

5. Wear the right underwear

What you should wear when you are wedding dress shopping is one of our most frequently asked questions.

Our advice is to wear nude underwear as this works best under wedding dresses. Most wedding dresses don’t need a bra (yes really!), it’s not that you are going without a bra, just that the bra is built into the structure of the dress. If you are more comfortable wearing your bra during your appointment then a nude strapless one works best.

We’re mindful of your privacy when you are in the changing room, and our stylists will quickly discover how much you want, or need us, in the changing room.

“At Sass & Grace we passionately believe that from the very first phone call to the final fitting we make your dress shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Buying a wedding dress shouldn’t just be a transaction but an unforgettable experience that allows you to make treasured memories that last a lifetime.”

Sam, Founder & Director Sass & Grace Bridal Experience

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Sass and Grace 5 tips to prepare for your bridal appointment

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